Costs of Teacher Certification Tests

Earning your education degree requires a lot of commitment on your part, both in terms of time and finances. Once you've completed your required courses, passed your exams and graduated, you'll discover you're still not really done! Each state requires potential teachers take and pass one or more tests which is determined by that state. This means if you aren't certain if you'd like to teach in one state or another, you'll need to meet the qualifications of both states by taking and passing any required tests.

By now, of course, you know there are always fees involved with testing; this is especially true when the results of the tests will be certification or licensing. There are registration fees, fees for each test or, in some cases, bundles of tests, sometimes different fees depending upon if you select a paper- based test or a computer- delivered test. If you miss a registration date, there will be a late fee. If you discover you'll need to change your registration date or test location, more fees! If your personal profile needs additional information or a change to information, still more fees. There are fees for phone- delivered scores, fees for additional score reports if you need them for multiple recipients, and fees that are attached to requests for score verifications.

While we can't provide fee documentation for all fifty states, we can give an overview of the fees associated with Praxis I and II, since these are the tests nearly every potential teacher will face.

Clearly, the best course of action is to plan ahead in order to avoid excess and unnecessary costs. A nonrefundable $50 registration fee is charged a single time per test year for paper- based tests. Praxis I computer- delivered pre-professional skills tests in reading, math and writing cost $80 for an individual test; $120 for two; $160 for all three taken individually, or $130 if they are combined into a single 4.5 hour session. These same tests taken on paper cost $40 each.

The Praxis II Elementary Education: Content Knowledge, and Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment exams given by computer are $120 each, while the French, German and Spanish World language tests are $140 each.

There are 120 Praxis II tests that are given on paper. They range in price from $65 for many of the Special Education tests to $115 for the Teaching Foundations tests in Mathematics, English, Science and Multiple Subjects. All other subjects are $80 to $90 per test.

Late registration for either Praxis I or II for paper- based tests costs $45; this is also the fee for changes to tests, test dates or testing centers. Emergency registration for both types of tests adds an additional $75 to the cost. Using the phone to re-register for either paper- based test is another $35. Correcting personal information adds $4o. Receipt of scores by telephone is $30 for each request, while additional reports add $40 per report.

Should a candidate need to verify a score on a multiple- choice area of a test, the fee is $40. Constructed- response verifications cost $55, as does combining multiple- choice with constructed response verifications. Teaching Foundations verifications add $80.

Because these fees can certainly add up, it's important to plan ahead and make as few changes as possible. It's equally important to arrive at the test site well- prepared so that you needn't repeat any of the required exams.

Last Updated: 06/08/2014